GLG Rewards

Collect 5 flyers to grab a $8 plant for free

What to do:

  1. Collect 5 flyers. You get 1 flyer in the parcel each time you order.
  2. Write your name and date on each flyer (see left) with black markers in big bold letters.
  3. Take photos of all 5 flyers and send them to our special email address to have a free $8 plant added to your parcel next time you order (Do not use this email to contact us, just photos of flyers please)


Please note:

  • Free plants are chosen randomly and do not count towards our free shipping policy. If the plant is damaged during transit we are not able to send a replacement.
  • We are not able to send free plants if name and date is not written clearly on flyers.
  • Free plant cannot be redeemed into voucher or cash.
  • You can redeem multiple plants at a time.