What type of plants will I receive?

  • You will receive bare-rooted plants, or cuttings if specifically stated in item's name (E.g Sedeveria Pat's Pink CUTTINGS 5PC).
  • Price is for one plant unless otherwise stated.
  • Size and colour of plants may vary from each season. We're trying to update photos as frequently as possible but please allow delays. If you have any concerns, please hold off purchasing and contact us first. 
  • (4th Feb update) We have been adding dates to description photos since last September. For the appearance of plants you will receive, please refer to photos marked with the date closest to the time you're viewing this page. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions. Our email address is succulent2020@gmail.com


When can I pick up my orders? 

  • We will send you an email notification or text message to your phone number once they are ready. Don't forget to check your promotion or spam folder!


Can you ship to my state? How much is the shipping?

  • We ship to all states except WA, TAS and NT. 
  • Shipping fee (express only) is $12 for orders below $100.
  • Free express shipping applies if your order reaches $100+ 
  • $12 shipping fees apply to all book purchases due to the fact that they are shipped on their own to avoid crushing plants. For multiple book purchases at one time please contact us for combined shipping.


When will you ship my order? How do I know the tracking number?

  • Orders are sent out every Tuesday and Wednesday if payments were made before CUT-OFF. Orders with payments made after CUT-OFF will be sent out the week after the following week (i.e. next next Tuesday and Wednesday). 
  • You will receive an email containing tracking info from Australia Post once your parcel is processed. So make sure your email address is correct :)


When do you restock?

  • We restock every Thursday night. Sneak peak can be viewed on our facebook page @greenlandgardensa. You're also welcome to contact us on FB!


I have changed my mind!

  • To cancel items in an existing order or entire order, please let us know by SUNDAY 12PM (NOON).
  • To swap items in an existing order, please place another order of what you'd like to add, and let us know which item to cancel by SUNDAY 12PM (NOON).
  • To add items, please simply place another order to be combined with your existing orders. For more information about combining orders, please read the paragraph below.


Can you combine orders?

  • Yes. Orders that are under the SAME name, email and address (if applicable) will be combined.
  • If the total of ALL your orders reaches $100+ then you can still enjoy free express shipping. We will refund you extra shipping fees on every Sunday afternoon and you will receive email notifications once the refund is issued. You can also simply tick 'local pickup' for your second and the rest of the orders to avoid paying extra shipping fees.
  • Make sure your address appears on at least one of your orders so we know where to send your goodies!
  • If you choose 'local pickup' for ALL your orders, we won't be able to see your address on our end. Don't worry, though. Please email your order numbers and shipping info to mysucculentgarden628@gmail.com before SUNDAY 12PM (NOON).
  • If ALL of your orders are chosen as 'local pickup' and we don't receive your address by SUNDAY 12PM (NOON), your orders will not be shipped. Your orders will be cancelled if we are notified that you actually wish your orders shipped after SUNDAY 12PM


  • Yes we're able to save your address but providing your address is necessary, as we also have customers who actually pickup their orders in person, or send their friends in SA to pick them up. Therefore we need to know clearly which order needs shipping :)


More about 'local pickup'

  • What will happen if all my orders are chosen as 'local pickup' ? 
  1. You will pick them up in person once a confirmation email is received.
  2. You will provide your address before SUNDAY 12PM (NOON) to have them shipped on Tuesday or Wednesday.
  3. You will provide your address after SUNDAY 12PM (NOON) and your orders will be cancelled and refunded.
  • We really appreciate your cooperation to make things easier for us!!


Can I pre-order something?

  • Sorry. We can't take any pre-orders. 
  • We can't add items that are currently unavailable/ out of stock on our website.


Can I hold my orders?

  • Sorry we can't hold orders. If you must hold orders, please cancel your orders and re-place them in the future.


Return policy

  • If you're not happy with your plants please contact us via email within 48 hours of receiving.


More Questions?

  • If these information still cannot help you with your question, please contact us via succulent2020@gmail.com
  • Or message us on Facebook via @greenlandgardensa
  • Or message us on WeChat greenlandgardensa or greenlandgarden_sa